Fair Trade (FAIR TRADE İTHALAT VE İHRACAT TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ) is an export and import company, founded in 2020, and headquartered in Istanbul, the economic hub of Turkey and the Country’s largest city.

Registered in Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, under 281381-5 (Trade Registry Number), 0384076670800001 (Central Registry Number System (MERSIS)), our business is based on respect, honesty, and trust. And it is our pleasure to serve our valued customers around the globe.

We are committed to achieve the highest standard of service so that we meet the needs of clients regarding high quality products with competitive/affordable prices and reliable delivery. And bring them the best deal possible. Our target is to make our clients happy so that we work together long term. Our customers are our priority. And we are here to provide immediate and reliable service that exceeds expectations.



We have chosen Turkey for our business because the country is a producer of almost everything people consume. Authentic Turkish products from all around the Country are exported globally. Some products have huge advantage to buy from Turkey. Moreover, we have chosen the Country because it is easy to do business here. Turkey ranked 33 in the Ease of Doing Business Index, 2020 (fourteen years ago, it ranked 93). Furthermore, Turkey is a large market for goods and services (GDP topped USD 761 billion in 2019) and regarded as the world's 17th largest economy with rapid economic growth. The country has a strategic geolocation (an international hub and a gateway to neighboring regions), fast growing dynamic private sector economy, large potential to expand businesses, young and demanding population (more than 83 million consumers), and favorable climate as well.



  • They are varied and diverse.

  • Highly qualitative. Turkish products are as quality as European products and as cheap as Chinese or a bit expensive than Chinese.

  • Competitive and appropriate prices.

  • More affordable right now, due to the current devaluation of the Turkish lira.

  • Easy option to meet the needs of emerging markets.

  • Reasonably well-known in the European markets.

  • They are often in high demand.

  • They are welcomed best in the Middle East.

  • They are well known for their taste.

  • They are more innovative for non-Western markets.

  • Sold at factory prices.

  • They are produced according to the international standards demanded by the markets and exported at world-wide level.

  • They are preferred, very favorable, and admirable in the emerging markets.

  • They are safe and environmentally friendly.

  • They are eye-catching with their design.

  • They are popular abroad; highly appreciated by consumers.

  • They are “good value for money.”

  • Turkish food is “halal,” healthy, and delicious.


Updated: 12 December 2020

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